Accomplishment timeline of the CSA&C from the last 20 years:


In 1985, the Supreme Lodge of the CSA&C received the request and guaranteed the cost of the repairs of the Mihalion Orphanage in Chios, to become the Main building of the University of the Aegean.


In 1986, the CSA&C assisted with the procurement of the computers for a full classroom in the University of the Aegean and named it the “DR. JAMES KELLIS ROOM” (with the assistance of our compatriot the late Dr. George Livanos).


In 1988, the CSA&C assisted with the procurement of a Microfiche (electronic machine) for the Korais Library, which was installed the same year.


Also in 1988, with the donation of $6,000.00 from Mr. Nikolas K. Marinakis, Mr. Dimitrios M. Bouboulis, Mr. Stefanos M. Bouboulis, and Mr. Markos K. Marinakis (all who were members of the Supreme Lodge), the CSA&C procured the first computers for the offices of the Prefecture of Chios.


In 1991, at the 1st International Chian Convention in Chios, the Greek Government honored US Army General Vassilios (William) Gus Pagonis, a Persian Gulf War Veteran.  Also during that convention, the Chian Federation of New York gave the Homeric Award to the President of Greece, the late Constantine Karamanlis and to Chian Philanthropist Stamatia Michael Xylas.


In 1992, state of the art instruments (laser) were procured and installed at the ophthalmologic clinic of the Skilitsion Hospital of Chios.


In 1995, at the 2nd International Convention in Chios, all Chians around the world were called on to participate.  Chians from Australia, Egypt, the USA, Canada, Holland, England, Athens, Piraeus, Rhodes, Syros, and Thessaloniki, for the first time ever, attended and exchanged views on how to help Chios.  Two specialists were commissioned to carry out a study of the Skylitsion Hospital to address its needs and priorities.  Fundraising commenced throughout North America for Catscan, Mammogram, and Sonogram equipment.  The CSA&C organized the procurement of the equipment, which were installed at the hospital, to everyone’s satisfaction and relief for the accomplishment.


In 2003, at the 4th International Convention in Chios, a motion was carried and approved unanimously to raise $50000.00 in order to contribute for further improvement of the Cardiology Clinic of the Skylitsion Hospital.  The CSA&C also committed to annually provide financial support to maintain the office hours of the Enosis Omogenon Chios Society.  The office assists Chians abroad with information and support to help manage their Greek affairs.


In 2004, the first $10,300 for the Cardiology Clinic was donated to the CSA&C, by the Association of Kambiousion of America (the net proceeds from the 50th National Chian Convention), and presented to the administrator of the hospital, in Chios, for the procurement of Esophageal cardio-diagnostic equipment.  The Panchiakon Society of Chicago, “Pelineon,” followed the example and pledged their net proceeds of the 51st National Chian Convention for the Cardiology Clinic, as well.  The CSA&C plans to complete the remaining commitment to the hospital in the spring of 2006.


In 2005, during the 51st National Chian Convention, the first “Dimitrios Bouboulis Memorial Scholarship Awards” totaling $4000.00 were awarded to six recipients of Chian descent for their college education.  The CSA&C is gearing up to increase the amount of scholarship fundraising to award additional recipients during future conventions.