With much success, the 51st National Convention of the Chios Societies of America and Canada was held in Las Vegas, on October 28th thru the 30th, 2005. Chians from the USA and Canada were present and participated in the activites of the Convention.


The Convention began on Friday, October 28th, with the gathering of the delegates at the Welcome Party in the Flamingo Hotel.  Equally pleasing was that many young adults took part in the Convention. From Greece, the administrator of hospitals in the Northern Aegean, Ms. Panagiota Hatzopoulou, and the Mayor of the Municipality of Amanis Chios, Dr. Ioannis Malafis, were present and thanked the delegates for allowing them to participate in the Convention, and for all the assistance given in the past to the Skylitsion Hospital.  Thay reported on behalf of the Ministry of Health, the Skylitsion Hospital, and various other institutions of Chios.  Ms. Hatzopoulou reported that the Minister of Health, Mr. N. Kaklamanis, in two months, will inaugurate the new wing of the Skylitsion Hospital in Chios.  Dr. Malafis, read a letter from the all the Mayors of Chios that ensured to accommodate all the Chians who visit the island in the summertime. Lastly, they presented the Supreme President of the CSA&C, Mr. Dimitrios B. Kontolios, commemorative gifts that represent Chian institutions.


During the Convention Meeting of Saturday, October 29th, the remaining sum of $14500 was pledged for the cardiology clinic of the Skylitsion Hospital. After all the pledges are collected, the CSA&C will send  $40000, as was promised during the Fourth International Chian Convention during the summertime of 2003.


The following students received the “Dimitrios Bouboulis Memorial” Scholarship Awards:

Nickolas Sevastos, Cleveland, Ohio

Nicole-Markella Kalogrias, New York
Emmanuel Theodorakis, New York

Kelly Kotsatos, Warren, Ohio

Christina Gerazounis, Michigan

Paraskevi Halkias, Warren, Ohio 


On Sunday, October 30th, 2005, the Convention concluded with an excursion to the Hoover Dam.  The delegates and their families congratulated one another, and assured themselves that they would all meet again at the next Convention.


The CSA&C, and the Supreme Lodge, would like to thank the Chairmen, Mr. John Vavilis, Ms. Maria Diab, and Mr. Elias Zografos from the Panchiakon Society, Pelineon, of Chicago, and all their members, for the great work they did on hosting the Convention.